Hungarian National Association of Enterprise Developers

The Hungarian National Association of Enterprise Developers(MVOSZ)  is the largest non-profit enterprise development organization and support association in Hungary which Was founded with the aim of helping the Hungarian SME sector improvements thereby increasing the quality of entrepreneurs developing services, intiating new projects, helping spread the new technologies and represents the sector during the Goverment and international forums.

Our misson is to contribute to the Hungarian SME sector to become one of the most competive in Europe.

There are 1.7 million companies in Hungary which 99,9%  are SME’s. The next decade’s biggest challenge is how to increase the efficiency of Hungarian companies and to transform their post-soviet managment style to a modern, capitalist approach. All of these improve the qualtiy of business development in Hungary.

Our members have joined together to changed the status quo and modernize companies. We have an extensive membership, from education institutes to entrepreuers association. The network of MVOSZ covers the whole country and the association has members in all 19 counties. MVOSZ has reached more than 50,000 businesses, and our members provide 100 education programs and events annually. All of these ensure that we can professionally carry out our activities, fully and effectively.

The Hungarian National Association of Enterprise Developers wish to cooperate with partners  having the same goals to help Hungarian entrepreneurs.

László Bihari

For further information, please contact the association’s secretariat at email address.